Capturing the magical, messy & beautiful reality of your family’s everyday life.

Professionally referred to as “Family Documentary”, my approach to family photography is real, candid, and emotional - and it’s designed to capture you and your family just as you are at any given day. No posing required! The result? A tangible reminder of the love, humor, and endless hard work that makes your family so special.

My photographs will focus on the daily routines and mundane moments that knit your family together. You know the ones: the tickle fights before bedtime, making messes together in the kitchen, blowing bubbles in the bathtub. Why? Because in the midst of crazy work schedules, hectic errands, and never-ending to-do lists, it’s those little big moments that make life worth remembering.

So whether you’re dreaming of full-day coverage or just looking to capture a few hours on the weekend, I have a plan and a package to fit your family’s needs!

Contact me for more details on the options below to capture your story:

A Day In the Life - 8 hours

The real deal. This comprehensive session offers a full coverage. From breakfast to bedtime, I’ll be on hand to capture every goofy grin and precious quirk that makes your family...well, yours!

This package includes documentation of daily routines as well as pre-planned activities.

You don't have to put aside an entire day for this shoot because the shoot will fit around your regular day. Whether you need to grab the groceries, head to your daughter’s football match, or just want to visit the playground, I’ll be there.

Best suited for families with children under 8 years old.

Starting from AED 5,950

A Slice of Life - 4 hours

Impossible to get your kids all in one place for the whole day?

With minimal commitment and maximum fun, these shorter shoots are designed to capture your family’s most authentic moments while you enjoy your favorite activities together, from bath time to sporting events.

Best suited for families with children under 8 years old

Starting from AED 3,000

A Taste Of Life - 2 hours

Looking for luxury coverage on a modest budget?

This bite-sized session has you covered!

We’ll plan an activity your family loves, and I’ll capture your unique dynamics to make every minute count.

Starting from AED 850

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