Often referred to as Family Documentary, this style of photography is candid, raw and emotional. It will capture the real everyday moments, the dynamics, quirks & rituals that are unique to your family. 

That crackling giggle exhibiting his lost baby teeth;
That funny dance she does before she gets dressed;
That obsession with football and the way they play it with their dad;

You get the picture!

The little mundane moments of everyday life are the most precious.. the ones you'll look back on with nostalgia. The busy-ness & juggling-act of everyday life, however, starts to drown out the beauty of those details and you easily lose sight of those little big moments. 

These photos will be enjoyed by you and your family now and many years later. They will elicit some sort of reaction in your gut and heart every time you go through them. You will snuggle up with the children, a photo album in hand or passed around to show their future partners or even their own kids, and you can tell them, as well as show them, how they were loved & cuddled, what they were like, where and how they lived.

This photo session is the best next thing after the ability to actually freeze time!

You can choose any of the following options to capture your story:

A slice of life.. 

2 or 4 hour session

We'll go for a stroll on the beach or engage in some family activity, or I'll accompany you on a an event or a family outing and will capture that part of your day together in a memorable way. 

More suitable for families with grown up children (i.e. above 12) who are more likely not going to spend an entire day with you.

A Day in The Life..

The full Monty! Upto 12 hours. 

I will spend a full day with your family, from the moment you wake up till the kids go to sleep - capturing every part of your typical weekend day.

We will plan parts of it and others I'll be capturing it as I see it.

Best for families with children still at the age where they are likely to spend their entire day with you.

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