Get to know me a little..

Professional Photographer. Passionate Educator. Playful Artist.

My real name, for those who can read Arabic in English, is 7ala Sal7i, and the lure of the camera has been a reality in my life since childhood. I grew up with a mom who believed in preserving our family memories through photo albums (and I mean all our family memories - especially the embarrassing ones!). But it wasn’t until 2008 that I finally gave in to my love for the camera, leaving behind a cushy corporate job to pursue photography full-time and I’ve never looked back!

Since then I’ve clocked in 10+ years of professional shooting experience across the globe, from weddings to corporate events & portraits. I’ve also been the co-director of Gulf Photo Plus since 2009, where I’ve had the pleasure of promoting the art of photography around the MENA region through workshops, exhibitions, and our annual international photography event.

But my greatest passion? Family photography. Candidly documenting a family’s life together, with all the ups, downs, and adventures that entails. I love getting to know each family on a personal level, and I’m honored to have the chance to observe the beauty of their everyday lives and to then reflect that beauty back to them through photographs they can treasure forever.

Since a photo is better than a 1000 words, I thought I'd share some to tell you a little more about me.

*    *    *

I credit my mom with my love for photography - her commitment to preserving our stories through photographs and carefully organised albums remains one of the greatest gifts she left our family.

I love children and - although I don’t have any of my own just yet- they always seem to know that I’m secretly one of them!    

My perpetual suspicion that I was a dancer in a previous life made sense when I found this picture! 

Music moves me deeply. 
Dancing makes me really really happy! 
My shameful pleasure? Singing out loud and dancing to Amr Diab Songs. 

There is a more refined side to my taste in music though!

This moment was captured in Mumbai at one of the busiest and noisiest places I've ever been in.  

I’ve always had a knack for keeping calm under pressure. As a kid, I would imagine sending my inner stillness to a nearby crying baby to soothe it. I could swear it worked sometimes!

I'm a cat person. I LOVE cats.. THIS MUCH! My cousin was just evil! ;-) 
I'm glad my aunt had the camera right next to her to capture this picture quickly before she jumped to save the poor cat.

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