Get to know me a little..

My real name for those who can read Arabic in English is 7ala Sal7i. The love affair I had with photography completely won me over in 2008 and resulted in me leaving my cushy corporate job at Mars Inc. for it. Wedding photography in London was my first station along this new journey where capturing emotion and the spirit of the party were my ultimate joy.  I then joined  Gulf Photo Plus in 2009 in Dubai to spread the art and science of photography in the region. That was such an unexpected, exhilarating and fulfilling gift of an experience and I feel so privileged to have had, and still have, that opportunity for almost 10 years.

My current muse is family photography - the candid documentation of a family's life. It thrills me to get to know each family intimately, to observe the beauty in their everyday moments that make them unique, and to reflect it back to them in pictures to help them preserve it for as long as possible. Perhaps there is some value to my bad habit of hoarding ;-)

Since a photo is better than a 1000 words, I thought I'd share some to tell you a little more about me.

*    *    *

I'm really lucky to have had a great mother who also cared about preserving moments in pictures and had dedicated long days and hours to organising them in albums chronologically. 

It's an invaluable treasure for my family that had always brought us immense joy to go through, to accompany the stories of our childhood & lives. It has also helped us through the healing 
process from the pain of losing her. 

I don't have children, yet, but I love them and they often know I'm one of them!     

My perpetual suspicion that I was a dancer in a previous life made sense when I found this picture! 

Music moves me deeply. 
Dancing makes me really really happy! 
My shameful pleasure? Singing out loud and dancing to Amr Diab Songs. 

There is a more refined side to my taste in music though!

This moment was captured in Mumbai at one of the busiest and noisiest places I've ever been in.  

Yet, I remained so Zen. Calm amidst the storm.

As a teenager, I played a mind game that I came up with. I would cultivate so much inner stillness that I can send it to a nearby crying baby to help it calm down. Not sure if that always worked, but I could swear it did sometimes..

I'm a cat person. I LOVE cats.. THIS MUCH! My cousin was just evil! ;-) 
I'm glad my aunt had the camera right next to her to capture this picture quickly before she jumped to save the poor cat.

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